About GBS

Executive Summary

Gulf Bridge Services (GBS) Qatar based Company trusted by diplomatic missions in the Middle East & North Africa and Government Sectors to handle their sensitive information about Primary Source Verifications and Health Care recruitment . GBS is one of the world’s largest providers of public services to Governments and the private sector alike, employing over 100 people over the MENA region and specializes in Background Screening, and Health Recruitment services. We believe that aligning people, processes and technology will be key to driving change and business sustainably therefore we set out to achieve with our clients the transformation to success by being connected, collaborative, and consistent. Through an unrelenting focus on delivering for the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Gulf Bridge Services (GBS) has its inception in Qatar being specialized in security auditing, verification, and Health Care Recruitment services. We are focus to ensure the integrity of our client’s hires and organizational culture by verifying qualification credentials, employment history, and criminal records.

Our process and procedures are designed to save up to 70-80% of administration time by immediately identifying the most qualified applicants and assuring our clients to acquire top talents. We work hard to ensure that our project management and company processes are optimized against the most stringent standard operating procedures and quality assurance. Our dedicated quality department is responsible for implementing superior management system standards for the benefit of our clients.

GBS Coverage

Covering the entire middle east and more than 120 countries and territories

GBS Reach

Dealing with more than 40,000 issuing Authorities across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an internationally recognized organization of Primary Source Verification and Healthcare recruitment provider for Government and Private Sectors

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a safe community and improve business sustainability by providing reliable, and trustworthy services, To ensure that professionals are competent and qualified.

Our Verification Process

Adept at delivering straightforward, client-facing solutions, to highly complex problems, GBS continued success lies in our ability to understand and build for the many challenges of the multifaceted verification process.

Competitive Turnaround time with an average of 20 Working Days

History Timeline

Gulf Bridge Services (GBS), journey began in 2010, GBS was formed in Qatar in order to cater Visa & Passport Support Services and Identity Checks to various Diplomatic Missions in the Middle East and North Africa
was contracted by the Embassy of Germany in Qatar to provide Visa Application Centre Services.
was contracted by the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Iraq to rollout Visa Application Services in Bahgdad, Erbil and Basra.
was contracted by the Embassy of France in Kuwait to provide Visa Services in coordination with CAPAGO MENA
was contracted by the Embassy of the USA in the UAE to provide Greeters Services in Coordination with CSC

was contracted by the Embassy of France in Qatar to provide Visa Services in coordination with CAPAGO MENA.

GBS formed Visa Services brand called “VisaXP Plus” which is specialized in assistance to prepare and successfully submit a Visa Application to any Embassy or a Consulate in Qatar and Kuwait.
GBS was deployed by the Embassy of Germany in Qatar to manage the Biometrics process for their Visa Applicants
GBS entered a Contract with the Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners to provide Primary Source Verification for it’s prospective Healthcare Professionals those seeking Health License in Qatar

Gulf Bridge Services - Founder

Gulf Bridge Services is headed by Mr. Mana Ibrahim Al Mana, one of the prominent members and affluent descendants of the Al Mana family in Qatar. Mr. Al Mana is a graduated from Qatar University and continued reinforcing his educational background through several intensive courses conducted by top management institutions in Europe and the USA
He is part of the Al Mana family that has imprinted its special mark in the commercial and industrial domains in the State of Qatar, as well as its Governmental sector
The Al Mana family business is diversified and covers several sectors of banking, real estate, construction, petrochemical engineering, gas distribution, retail trade, and fashion. This reflects the diversity of links and business relations with several companies all over the world and with different profiles.
Therefore, the family of Al Mana represents numerous international brands in different market segments. Al Mana Family holds major shares in Banks, print media, real estate, and other global brand franchise
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