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Clients and Verticals


Public areas and transportation facilities are heavily populated and human resource are challenged daily with criminal activity, public disorder, traffic overflow, natural disasters, and a range of other threats to public safety that require seamlessly skilled people specialized systems to resolve incidents quickly, efficiently and effectively.

From the verification of academic and professional qualifications certificates, including professional licenses to ensure the validity of documents and papers submitted by job applicants to identity and criminal check GBS has proudly served the main transportation authorities in MENA region, delivering fast and reliable verification and screening of the potential employees.
GBS innovative working processes can encompass new and emerging technologies that interface for a complete and scalable solution on employee and market screening and verification.

We provide holistic solutions covering on all aspects of the hiring process and we understand that employers must be more diligent in their hiring techniques. Our solutions aim government entities operating an efficient, organization-wide screening program leveraging the background checking and required to create a safer community.
Security is a major value-added to the success of any financial institution and the burden rely on the employee accountability in every part of their operations.

GBS creates cost-effective, turnkey screening solutions that evolve as user demands and technologies change ensuring an environment where people, property, and data are always safe and trustworthy.
Our screening services are tailored to meet client requirements, including:
  • Background Checks
  • Diplomas and Certification Checks
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Education Background Check
  • Employment Background Check
  • Identity Check
  • Public Database Check
  • Reference Check
  • Credentials Check
  • Credit History Check
  • Resume Check
GBS accommodates in-depth screening for all positions within IT and Telecom industry, including certification and professional qualifications checks along with references verification.
Retail is very complex environment as employees are often exposed to unpredicted situations. A serious security breach can damage any brand´s name. Petty theft, shoplifting and stock going missing are common concerns that can be significantly reduced with GBS intelligent background check solutions and identifying potential employees who will best fit our clients’’ requirements.
In healthcare industry, the risks that come with hiring someone who hasn’t had their employment history verified involve far more than just wasting the time on a candidate who isn’t really qualified. You may be putting the company at risk for lawsuits as well.

Since the day one, GBS has focused on working with healthcare government organizations to optimize their background screening, compliance, and talent screening processes. Professional qualifications verification with deeper criminal background investigations for physicians and other allied health professionals is important for any healthcare institution to protect patients and reputation.
Education is one of the most critical sectors as young minds turn to teachers to build their foundation for understanding, communicating, and interacting with the world around. Good teachers allow students to lead great lives through their positive impact therefore is impetus for any school or university to have a professional and background check for any potential employee.
From the certification checks confirming the type of degree, honors received and date of completion directly with the school registrar, GBS can provide an overview of the criminal and financial records and many more. Having a misleading resume is only one of the risks that could lead to a bad hire. Having a comprehensive background screening can help employers and recruiters hire the right people and protect their staff, customers and businesses.
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