Criminal History Check1

Criminal History Check

Criminal History Check aims to protect businesses against possible lawsuits. Nowadays, a growing number of employers have been forced to defend for crimes committed by employees, usually thefts or assaults that victimize customers or co-workers. Companies could be found liable in a negligent hiring process and held responsible for punitive damages, medical bills, lost wages, etc
The specific professional areas that impose certain ethics like medical, engineering, governments, armed forces and military, critical infrastructure and public transportation, education, etc. the use of criminal record searches could be mandatory for companies, local or state laws
GBS is affiliated to global criminal databases and watch lists derived from the public domain, ensuring that privacy rules are not violated. Our research delivers a comprehensive report on local criminal records, Medical risk, bankruptcy, financial status, targeting individual screening, and business reputations with your future clients or/and suppliers
The hired or the suppliers with serious criminal and financial records may endanger the organizational safety, confidential data, and records, and overall work environment

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