Our Process

Our Process


Gulf Bridge Services (GBS) has its inception in Qatar being specialized in security auditing, import verification and brand protection, and Visa processing services. We are focus to ensure the integrity of our client’s hires and organizational culture by verifying qualification credentials, employment history, and criminal records.
Our process and procedures are design to save up to 70-80% of administration time by immediately identifying the most qualified applicants and assuring our clients to acquire top talents. We work hard to ensure that our project management and company processes are optimized against the most stringent standard operating procedures and quality assurance. Our dedicated quality department is responsible for implementing superior management system standards for the benefit of our clients.

The values we stand by are accountability, trust, community responsibility, creativity, customer service, efficiency, integrity, and social justice and we successfully deliver challenges that most are shying away from. We get the great satisfaction by making a major impact on the success of our clients, which occurs when they value.
In addition to having a major business impact, GBS strives to upheld a seamless client experience by providing:

Our Mission

Our Mission is to maintain a safe community and improve business sustainability by providing reliable, and trustworthy services, To ensure that Visa & Passport services and the verification services for Professionals are competent and safe to deliver quality Professional services across the Globe.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become an internationally recognized organization of Visa & Passport Services and Primary Source Verification provider for Government and Private Sectors.


Principles of Fairness and integrity in everything we do

We are different

We are a local Company with International Standards. We are the only Gulf based Company to perform Visa Outsourcing Services and Primary Source Verification. The value we add is the local Language Support, understanding the local culture and related demands & service specializations.

Founding Members

Meet Core Team Behind Us

Marketing Head

Maria Shimfera

Content Head

Isika Rostova

Project Manager

Maya Zukostia


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