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Primary Source Verification PSV

It is estimated that up to 40% of the qualifications preview in resumes can contain false or unreliable information. In this context, is impetuous for positions such as architects or construction specialists, medical staff, engineers of all kinds, lawyers, critical and public infrastructure operators like aviators, bus drivers as well as teachers, armed forces or military representatives, etc. to have a check on the authenticity of the professional qualifications claimed by the candidates within the recruiting process. We offer supportive documents to authenticate the details claimed in the resume including college/ university Accreditation, degree Claimed, year of graduation, registration number, degree certificate / provisional degree certificate, Transcript of Records “TOR” etc.
We include in this category the employment screening of a potential employee including past companies, designations, tenues at each company and responsibilities as well as any existent gaps or inconsistencies. Our educational verification services contact universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., to verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA and honors received. The verification of the education process is an important part of a quality pre-employment background check.

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