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Providing public services is one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers you can have. You can make a real positive difference in people’s lives and to the safety and security of your community and country. The services we provide are often of critical importance to the communities and nations we serve. Every business or government authorities want trustworthy, qualified employees as every team member counts, and interpersonal dynamics are often assumed at a high level of importance. Consequently, our business focuses on screening prospective employees. Our screening programs generally include some combination of reference and credit checks, verification of education and employment, investigations into any criminal activity (where allowed by law), and many others.
With the same sheer of dedication, GBS provides brand research programs over a given market for counterfeited and illicit items. As a well-reputed global player in multiple sectors; from oil and gas to health, education, hospitality, banking, retail, military & enforcement agencies, we thrive to be the first employee screening choice for our clients.

Under GBS’s umbrella, we operate 4 main services, such as:

Verifies academic and professional qualifications certificates, including professional licenses through more than 40,000 issuing authorities across more than 120 countries and territories.
Provides security audits on candidate his tory for the last 6 years, criminal records, risk assessments, and financial due diligence on potential employees
Testing before hiring is an efficient process for any company/organization while recruiting and screening programs can assist in ensuring a proper fit between employer and employee. Professional screening for the employees nurtures effective retraining programs while ensuring the lowest possible costs and many more.
We are healthcare recruiters who understand healthcare professionals, combined with our Background screening services we provide the right candidates based on the client request with access to the Western market, alongside a variety of high-level professionals worldwide.


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