GBS’s VISA and Passport services cover all aspects of your travel plan which include Visa appointment scheduling, translating services, Insurance, Biometric in addition to the after landing services such as Hotel Booking.

We provide cover for worldwide medical and life insurance during travel. We ensure a sufficient filling of
your application by following the rules and regulations of the embassies.

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Visa Application Form Completion

Visa Application forms for business, Tourist, Student or Medical Visas are completed as per the requirement of the embassies, by exacting accurate information from you.

Visa Appointment Scheduling

Visa Submission Nowadays require biometric enrolment at the Embassy / Consulates or at the visa Application Centre. We Will be assisting you to secure the earliest time and date available for you to personally submit the papers.

Translation Service

Authorized and Approved agency to translate from Arabic to English and vice versa. We will also undertake translation services to /from any other language with sample time given.


Provide cover for worldwide medical and life insurance during course of your travel. It is recommended for all the countries one desires to travel. However, it is a mandatory requirement for schengen countries.


High quality photographs to suit the requirement of the embassies visa application process.

Photocopies & Printouts

Facilities photocopy or printouts from websites to support visa applications.

Travel & Hotel Booking

Complete travel visa application completion process is handled at this office. Our professional staff members are trained to understand your needs and provides you with all the information and documentation.


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